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Wojciech, Director of the Public Buildings division of Warbud and the Centre region in Poland

Growing by adapting locally and by implementing the best practices of a recognized group

As a young engineer, Wojciech Gerber earned his spurs at Warbud, working on the Saturn office building project in 1996. He went on to take on many other projects, activities and responsibilities driven by the booming market for housing, shopping centres and industrial buildings. In 2002, he headed the high-profile Marina Mokotow construction project involving 1,500 luxury apartments in the heart of Warsaw.

Appointed Director of the Centre region in 2004, Wojciech Gerber helped set up a division dedicated to the hospital market, the country’s first. It was a resounding success: within four years, Warbud had become the leader of this market segment in Poland. Wojciech Gerber now oversees 250 employees.

Based on his 18-year experience with the company, his view of its success is that “our expansion is sound because it is based on our local teams’ ability to adapt to market fluctuations and on the progressive deployment of VINCI Construction’s values and best practices, especially in the fields of work organisation and safety.”