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La Meynard teaching hospital, Martinique, Overseas France

VINCI Construction handed over a new 40,000 sq. metre technical facility at the La Meynard teaching hospital in Fort de France, which notably brings together 13 operating theatres, an emergency and radiology department, a critical care unit and a lab. One of the major challenges was to ensure that the hospital, which is located in a seismically very active area, can continue to function following an earthquake.

To earthquake-proof the building, the superstructure was placed on a network of 288 elastomer dampers that separate it from its foundations. In addition, 36 horizontal dampers were installed perpendicular to the facades. Freyssinet developed these advanced techniques. In the event of an earthquake, the vibrations propagated through the ground will be filtered and thus hardly, if at all, transmitted to the building, which can continue to operate.

Sogea Martinique succeeded in meeting the further challenge of carrying out the work next to the existing facility while ensuring access to the emergency room and avoiding disruption of the operation of the adjacent departments.