Vladimír, Methods Director, SMP Group


Deploying the Orchestra method on a broad scale

Taking a strong interest in design since his university days, Vladimir Hendrich now coordinates design studies, from bid preparation to works execution, at SMP. For several months he has been working with his team of construction engineers and economists to launch the project that will renovate and extend the central wastewater treatment plant in Prague.

What is his priority roadmap? His aim is to optimise such things as the quantities of rebar and concrete used in the special foundations, the operational arrangements and the position of the cranes. “This is the first time we have deployed Orchestra on such a broad scale,” he says. Having pioneered the Orchestra programme in the Czech Republic on several Prumstav residential projects, he has now been called upon to use his experience to build a fully-fledged Methods department from scratch. “I am tackling both projects at the same time!” he says.

Starting in 2015, the new unit oversees worksite organisation for all VINCI Construction subsidiaries in the Czech Republic.