Water treatment

Aphisa, work engineer at Sogea-Satom Uganda


Changing mindsets

After spending 17 years in London, including 10 years working for building and civil engineering groups, Aphisa Mashindano decided in 2014 to return to her country of origin, Uganda. In September, Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction International Network) offered her an opportunity to move back home and she took advantage of it.

She calmly explains her choice. “To smooth the transition, I wanted to work for an international group that had been operating in Uganda for a long time.” Aphisa Mashindano is employed as a works engineer on the project designed to double the capacity of two drinking water treatment plants in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. “This is a major project that will directly improve the living standards of the population,” she says.

Aphisa Mashindano exemplifies the new generation of local managers to whom Sogea-Satom has entrusted its projects. She oversees a team of five Ugandans, including two junior engineers. “Here, professionals want to work for Sogea-Satom because the company is changing construction industry mindsets and focusing on quality, the environment and social protection.”