VINCI Construction offers turnkey solutions for protecting the environment: design-build construction of water, waste and flue gas treatment facilities that combine civil and process engineering, soil remediation expertise, asbestos removal and polluted site deconstruction.

Hydromorphological restoration of the Glandon riverbed at Maurienne (France)

Led by the teams of VINCI Construction Terrassement in Bourgneuf in conjunction with Equo Vivo, the hydromorphological restoration of the Glandon river was designed to diversify its flows, create new habitats, improve water quality and restore biodiversity in this tributary of the Isère.


Condé sur Noireau factory, Calvados, France

Deconstruction of a former factory to clean up the building prior to demolition.

Waste and smoke treatments

Energy from waste plant, Charleroi, Belgium

The energy from waste plant is being upgraded to handle large volumes of waste and generate electricity and heat.

Waste and smoke treatments

Waste recovery centre, Ivry, France

VINCI companies pooled their expertise and operated in synergy to build the modern facility, which uses state-of-the-art waste recovery technologies.

Waste and smoke treatments

Cornwall Energy Recovery Center, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre puts a stop to landfilling and generates energy for households and industries.

Soil decontamination

Coastal pollution reduction system, Casablanca, Morocco

The coast stretching from Casablanca to Mohammedia is now cleaner, thanks to a wastewater interception system.

Soil decontamination

Douaumont and Vaux forts, Meuse – Moselle, France

Nearly a century after the end of hostilities in World War I, the pyrotechnic soil cleanup in eastern France is still ongoing and crucial to restoring a natural area.

Water Treatment

Seine-Aval water treatment plant, Achères, France

The Seine-Aval treatment plant in the Yvelines department, which treats wastewater from the Greater Paris area (population 6 million), is Europe’s largest.