Reinforcing the safety culture


Fifth International Safety Week

For VINCI Construction, safety is the priority. To this end it has for several years been working to develop a common health and safety culture based on innovative approaches and best practices across all entities. Safety is now an integral part of all project stages – during the design phase, with Safety in Design; in construction methods, with the Orchestra worksite preparation and organisation method; and in day-to-day operations on the worksite, with the PreStart Meeting, a particularly important event at which the supervisors and teams review the full range of key worksite issues.

One of the goals of the Fifth International Safety Week held in October 2017 was to review the fundamentals and raise management and team awareness, with a special focus this year on preparing induction. The event offered an opportunity to mobilise, share and discuss safety in a variety of ways around the world.

At the VINCI 2017 Innovation Awards, 17 prizes went to safety innovations in recognition of the engagement of VINCI Construction employees.

“Managing with Safety Focus” training

Because safety is central to the company’s businnes model, VINCI Construction has designed and rolled out a high-level safety management training course for its managers.

The first edition of the module, “Managing Safety”, held for some 8,000 mid-level and top managers over a three-year period, focused on their roles and responsibilities with regard to safety.

In 2017, the training was taken a step further with the introduction of the “Managing with Safety Focus” module, which emphasises the need to focus on organisational and human factors in accident prevention and to analyse root causes of accidents and “near misses”. The training, which explores new ways to build a common safety culture for VINCI Construction managers, is part of the CAP for Management course.

Across-the-board rollout of the Safety In Design programme

Initiated in 2014 within VINCI Construction Grands Projets and rolled out in 2017 throughout VINCI Construction, the Safety In Design programme is intended for design offices. It focuses on optimising structures and their safety in the design stage. The goal is to ensure maximum safety throughout all construction, operation and maintenance phases and thus minimise the risk of accident.

The programme was progressively rolled out to ensure that the safety dimension is included in all phases of VINCI Construction design studies. The Safety in Design programme is also used when methods are drawn up. Here, too, the goal is to encourage choices that enhance safety for worksite teams.

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