Our network of local subsidiaries


Operating close to our customers

The network brings together a wide range of companies with strong roots in their regions, in France as well as abroad. It is fundamentally focused on a main business activity operating everywhere close to its customers. The subsidiaries build on their familiarity with local markets and local issues to deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs in projects of all sizes.

€9,048m revenue

40,415 employees

Main companies

•   VINCI Construction France

•   VINCI Construction UK

•   VINCI Construction International Network

    •   SMCE (Sociedad Mexicana de Construcción de Edificios)

     •   VINCI Construction Dom-Tom (Overseas France)

    •   Sogea-Satom  (Africa)

    •   Warbud, Prumstav, SMP et SMS (Central Europe)

    •   HEB Construction (New Zealand)

    •   Seymour White (Australia)