Waste water drainage for Kinawataka and Nakivubo in Kampala


This project is designed to protect water quality in Murchison Bay on Lake Victoria, from where water is abstracted to produce drinking water for consumers in Kampala. It involved the installation of 30 km of pipelines. Of that total, 26 km are gravity feed, ranging in diameter from 200 to 1800 mm, while the remaining 4 km are cast-iron pressurised waste water pipes of 500 mm diameter. 

The project was subject to a series of major constraints, which included the need for particularly deep trenches of up to 11.5 metres in an urban environment with a very large number of other utility networks with no as-built drawings (optical fibre, telecoms, electricity, etc.) 

The underground pipelines replace an open channel to avoid the obvious problems of hygiene and odour. So the city’s waste water network now feeds a pre-treatment plant (also constructed by Sogea-Satom under a separate €12 million contract), and a final effluent treatment plant from which the treated water is clean enough to be discharged into the natural environment. The result is that waste water is no longer discharged directly into Lake Victoria. 

The 56 months of work were completed at the end of September 2018.

Contract value: €44 million, including €34 million for Sogea-Satom