VINCI Construction works with passion, commitment and innovation to construct buildings and infrastructures that meet the major challenges facing society worldwide.


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Minimising our environmental footprint

VINCI Construction works to support sustainable development with a special focus on combating climate change and efforts to reintroduce nature into the built environment.

Our commitments

Innovating to meet the challenges of the future

VINCI Construction focuses its strategy and its range of solutions and services on innovation and R&D. This approach enables us to address demographic and environmental challenges, devise tomorrow’s products and the ways in which they will be used and increase project performance.

Our solutions and services

VINCI Construction can work at all stages of the project life cycle, from financing to design, construction and maintenance, and delivers comprehensive solutions and services.


Strong mobilization and construction of hospitals in the UK

3 March, 2021

Teams from Integrated Health Projects (IHP) – a joint venture between VINCI Construction UK and Sir Robert McAlpine – successfully converted Manchester Central Convention Complex into a 750-bed temporary hospital in under two weeks in spring 2020.

The Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) bus station

26 February, 2021

We were pleased to have an opportunity to interview Construction Manager Abdramane Kone, who oversaw the work on a project which is crucial for the country’s economic activity.

30 energy players initiate an integrated value chain to deliver green hydrogen across Europe at the price of fossil fuels

11 February, 2021

After 2 years of research and confidential preparation, a group of 30 pioneering European energy players officially launches “HyDeal Ambition” with the aim of delivering 100% green hydrogen across Europe at €1.5/kg before 2030.

Flashback to 1998: the Vasco de Gama bridge in Lisbon is inaugurated.

10 February, 2021

Inaugurated at the Lisbon Universal Exhibition in 1998, the Vasco de Gama Bridge is remarkable for several reasons. Seventeen kilometres long, it spans the Tagus estuary and for many years remained the longest bridge in Europe.

“I love a challenge: I decided to become a diver so that I could make a living doing something really exciting and that I could take pride in”.

8 February, 2021

He defines himself as a “deep-water craftsman”. Thomas Bogrand-Le Cozic, 36, is a commercial diver for the Saint-Brieuc branch of VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial.

Schlumberger New Energy, the CEA and Partners Announce Appointment of CEO of Genvia

4 February, 2021

Genvia governance is established with a Board of Directors from Genvia partner companies, and the definition of a clear roadmap of ambitious milestones for the development and industrialization of solid oxide technologies.


VINCI Construction designs and constructs buildings and infrastructure that meet the major challenges facing today’s society: global warming, demographic growth and the ever-increasing need for mobility.

Aphisa, work engineer at Sogea-Satom Uganda

After spending 17 years in London, including 10 years working for building and civil engineering groups, Aphisa Mashindano decided in 2014 to return to her country of origin, Uganda

Why work at VINCI Construction

Deborah, site manager, VINCI Mobility

Deborah heads a team in charge of water meters at WMI in Saint Michael, Barbados.

Why work at VINCI Construction

Guillaume, project manager, GTM Bâtiment

Guillaume is in charge of his first major project, in which he oversees a large number of VINCI Construction managers

Why work at VINCI Construction