Civil engineering - Cameroon

Wouri River Bridge in Douala

3D mock-up of the future Wouri River Bridge - © VINCI and subsidiaries

VINCI Construction subsidiaries Sogea Satom and Soletanche Bachy are building the second bridge over the Wouri River in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. 

Sogea-Satom is lead company on the project being carried out for the government of Cameroon. The road bridge will carry five traffic lanes and two sidewalks. The rail bridge carries two tracks. The gently curved structure was designed by the Lavigne-Chéron architectural firm and will be 760 metres long with 135 metre spans. The works, with a value of €129 million excluding VAT, will comprise an eight-month design studies phase and a 36-month works phase. 

Decongesting traffic in Douala
The second bridge will relieve congestion on the existing bridge. It will also reduce traffic jams in Douala and facilitate rail transport in the region. 

This technically complex project will require nearly two million hours of work and employ more than 500 Cameroonian workers and majority African supervisory staff. A large number of training courses will be held for all employees and partnerships with Cameroonian schools and universities to provide specific training are also planned. The elements of the structure will be produced on site, Cameroonian subcontractors will be given broad preference and most materials will be purchased locally.