VINCI officially inaugurates the Hallandsås tunnels, Sweden’s most challenging railway project


The two Hallandsås railway tunnels in southwestern Sweden were officially opened today at a ceremony attended by Mr. Mikael Damberg, Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mrs. Lena Erixon, Swedish Transport Administration Director General and Mr. Alain Bonnot, VINCI Construction Grands Projets Chairman. The tunnels are the country’s most important railway infrastructure project in 40 years. It took 10 years and an investment of €850 million to complete them.

The project was initiated in 1970 but did not effectively get under way until 2004, following two failed attempts by other companies to build them. VINCI Construction Grands Projets and its Swedish partner Skanska were the first to succeed in boring through a complex geological formation to construct two parallel tunnels with a unit length of nearly 5,500 metres and an interior diameter of about 9 metres.

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source: VINCI