Geocean started the construction of intakes-outfalls in Puerto Coloso (Chile)


Work started this past spring on Geocean’s contract, a VINCI Construction division specialising in marine works, in Chili for Minera Escondida Limitada (operated by BHP-Billiton). The project consortium also includes other subsidiaries from VINCI Construction Group as CSM Bessac (Soletanche Bachy) and Soletanche Bachy Chile; and local companies Montec and Belfi.

 As part of the expansion of a desalination plant designed to produce water for copper processing, Geocean’s scope comprises the installation engineering, and construction of 2 seawater intakes and 1 outfall system for a SWRO Plant in Puerto Coloso. The scope includes also the drilling of (3)- 7m diameter and 11m deep shafts in the seabed.

The Geocean Underwater Excavator, Abyss, will perform seabed preparations at 20m water depth.

Currently, on site onshore earth works are ongoing for the micro-tunnel settings. On the offshore side, a bathymetric survey has been completed as well as a submarine video of the area.

The overall project is to be completed 1st quarter 2016.

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