East End Crossing crews break through southbound tunnel

Courtesy of WVB East End Partners

Crews for the East End Crossing project achieved a significant milestone this week, completing the breakthrough of the southbound tunnel beneath the historic Drumanard property in Prospect.

The tunnel extends about 1,700 feet from an area just south of Harrods Creek, near River Road, to the intersection of U.S. 42 and KY 841.

Approximately 120 feet of earth still needs to be blasted and removed from the northbound tunnel, with final breakthrough for the northbound side scheduled for approximately Oct. 1.

- Blasting and excavation inside both tunnels will continue into the summer of 2015, as another 10 feet of the tunnel's "floor" will be removed.
- The creation of the northbound and southbound tunnels involve removing a combined total of 100,000 cubic yards of earth.

The flags visible above the tunnel opening represent the team of contractors involved in the tunnel work – Walsh Construction, VINCI Concessions and the consortium of Walsh VINCI Construction. The French flag represents the location of VINCI's world headquarters.

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source: WDRB