Safety culture, management involvement and common rules. 

To ensure that safety becomes a culture common to all our entities, VINCI Construction's health and safety policy builds on the strong involvement of management, starting with the Chairman and the VINCI Construction Management Committee, who convene a meeting of the Group's health and safety experts for dedicated seminars three times a year. The policy rests on rules and principles that apply to all VINCI Construction entities:

1 - People are the company's focus and its foremost asset. 

  • Safety is an ongoing concern. It is an integral aspect of every decision.
  • VINCI Construction applies a Zero Tolerance approach in ensuring compliance with the safety rules.
  • Sharing both successes and failures is a primary prerequisite for success.

2 - Primary responsibility for safety and for providing safety leadership rests with the general management of VINCI Construction and of each of its entities. 

  • Managers set a safety example.   
  • Top management is present and watchful on the ground.    
  • Safety is one of the criteria used to assess managerial performance. 

3 - Training is an essential tool for ensuring that every employee takes the VINCI Construction safety culture on board. 

  • Every operational manager receives training in safety management. 
  • Every new employee receives initial safety training.
  • Job training systematically includes a safety component. 

4 - Safety is central to each stage of the construction project. 

  • No safety compromises are accepted in the design phase. 
  • Worksite preparation and methods are approved before the work gets under way.
  • Every change in operating method during the execution phase is subject to an approval procedure. 

Action plans and multiple initiatives. 

These rules underpin the many action plans and initiatives taken by companies and operating entities, which are tailored to their specific geographic and cultural features."