Limiting the environmental impact of our business activity. 
VINCI Construction's business activities are closely related to the challenges of green growth and as a global major we have special responsibility to respond to them. In all the countries where we operate, our companies strive to reduce the impact of their activities by meeting the highest environmental standards. The broad range of actions taken to this effect include worksite waste screening and recycling; installation of water treatment stations to reduce worksite impact on aquatic environments to a minimum; rollout of dedicated signs to conserve biodiversity on VINCI Construction Terrassement worksites; and environmental certification of worksites based on commitments, with compliance audited by an expert (e.g. the Attitude Environnement programme at VINCI Construction France). Impact reduction is also fostered by the ISO 14001 and equivalent certifications, which cover 60% of VINCI Construction's revenue, any by environmental training (10,156 hours conducted in 2012).

Eco-design of buildings and infrastructure.
VINCI Construction companies continue to develop eco-design tools for structures and infrastructure that include Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). A rail module was added to CO2NCERNED, which focuses on major transport infrastructure projects, in 2012. Soletanche Freyssinet has also developed specific eco-design software (PRISM, used for 26 projects in the tender phase and 15 in execution), as have VINCI Construction Grands Projets (CO2NCRETE Impact and GEStim) and VINCI Construction France (Equer) for the energy performance evaluation of buildings. In the last field, the Oxygen eco-offer, which covers all project stages (building design, construction and use) and includes energy and environmental performance commitments, has been implemented on some 20 projects in France.