Civic engagement


From ""working together"" to ""living together"". 
VINCI Construction companies' see their social responsibility as lying not just in ""working together"" with economic stakeholders but also in ""living together"" with the communities around them and in solidarity with those who are having the most trouble finding their place in this ""living together"" space. Our approach to civic engagement is based on this conviction.

In France, the approach has been put into practice for the past 10 years by the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, which works with organisations combating exclusion. The Group provides funding and Group employees serve as sponsors. In 2012, the foundation provided a total of €1.71 million in funding for 141 projects, which were sponsored by 201 employees. VINCI Construction companies and employees were very actively involved in these efforts, and especially in the Cité Solidaire programme, which was extended to four further cities (Grenoble, Le Havre, Rennes and Champigny sur Marne) in 2012.

In Africa, the ISSA (Initiatives Sogea-Satom pour l'Afrique) programme, set up in 2007, supports solidarity actions initiated by Sogea-Satom  agencies and worksite teams. Projects focus on access to essential services (education, healthcare, water, electricity) and support for economic initiatives, especially the creation of microenterprises that generate work and jobs for local populations. In 2012, ISSA supported 27 projects with more than €440,000 in funding. These notably involved the purchase of a press to produce compressed earth bricks for sale in Benin; equipment for a company set up to recycle printer cartridges in Burundi; and the refurbishment of a centre for underprivileged children in a Pretoria neighbourhood. 

VINCI Construction companies also engaged in a large number of local actions in France and abroad. For example, QDVC rebuilt a school in Eritrea as an extension of the hotel construction project on an island in the Dahlak archipelago.