VINCI Construction Dom-Tom

Gillot Airport on Reunion Island
Gillot Airport on Reunion Island - © VINCI and subsidiaries

Heir to more than 120 years of experience, VINCI Construction Dom-Tom is in a leading company across Overseas France. Its subsidiaries are attuned to your requirements and deliver local service to enable you to carry out your projects. Its studies and anticipation capabilities, overall vision and skills management as part of an ambitious human resources policy enable it to manage projects of all sizes.

VINCI Construction Dom-Tom covers the full range of business activities needed to optimise infrastructure and development projects in which earthworks form the backbone. 

VINCI Construction Dom-Tom thus offers a wide range of capabilities to carry out projects of all degrees of complexity, from project structuring within PPP type contractual frameworks to delivery of ""turnkey projects including maintenance and operation"". 

2014 revenue: €599 million

Workforce: 2,500