Dec. 5, 2014, 8 a.m.

Dominika, environmental manager, United Kingdom


"Versatility is the key to success"

"Within VINCI PLC, I am responsible for a wide variety of projects in the Southern region (the country is divided more or less in two), mainly before the start of works. 

The vast majority of worksites do not have their own environmental manager, so I am called on to provide assistance and I advise and help the managers and their teams on all environmental issues. I am also in charge of scheduling and implementing audits as part of the 14001 certification process and of inspections relating to legal requirements and the environmental requirements of the VINCI Group. This range of responsibilities enables me to solve problems and help projects move forward.

Within four years, VINCI has offered me many opportunities and I am especially motivated since being promoted from assistant to regional environmental manager."