Aug. 10, 2014, 3:29 a.m.

Sabrina, Environmental Manager, SEA High-speed rail line project.


«Consultation enables us to understand, anticipate and move forward»

On a project like the SEA (South Europe Atlantic) high-speed rail line, the environment is a major concern. The line runs through 11 Natura 2000 areas and impacts another 14. There are 220 protected plant and animal species along the route and the provisions set out in the French Water Law and the CNPN (French national  committee for the protection of nature) and French government commitments to be complied with !

«We are in constant touch with the government departments, local non-profit organisations and our works manager to get everyone on the same page. We must adapt as far as possible, phasing and executing the works in accordance with the results of the consultations. The job takes a degree of professionalism and a good bit of perseverance.»