April 24, 2013, 4:03 p.m.

Antonio, master builder

Antonio, master builder at VINCI Construction France
Antonio, master builder at VINCI Construction France - © VINCI and subsidiaries

""I have been working within VINCI Construction for 32 years, it's like a family. We respect each other, we talk, we discuss things, we come to an agreement. The skilled workers operate hand in hand and have an ongoing dialogue with the Methods poeple about such things as stabilising shoring towers and walkways. As a Master Builder, I have to train young people and pass knowledge on to them. I teach them everything I know, and pass on everything that was taught to me. When a foremen that I have trained is able to manage on his own, it really makes me happy. And I am very proud of my two sons who are also in the building sector -  one is at Heulin and the other is an electrician at VINCI Energies!""

Transmission of knowledge is a longstanding tradition in the building sector. 

For this reason, 20 years ago GTM Construction (VINCI Construction France was formed by the tie-up of GTM Construction and Sogea Construction) created the Order of ""Master Builders"", which brings together leading skilled workers, foremen and experienced engineers, and gives them the task of acting as mentor to a ""learner"". Their assignment is to facilitate the induction of young people, transmit knowledge to newly hired employees, help employees develop their skills, promote the values of the company and finally set an example in all areas of the work, from safety to quality.