April 21, 2013, 11:21 a.m.

Willy, methods engineer

Willy, methods engineer at Spiecapag (Entrepose Contracting)
Willy, methods engineer at Spiecapag (Entrepose Contracting) - © VINCI and subsidiaries

"In a pipeline project like the one I am working on (the PNG LNG EPC5A Project for ExxonMobil), methods are strongly influenced by the need to comply with the safety rules, which are at maximum level here. I constantly have to re-think our organisation to make it more safety-focused and ensure that it lives up to our objectives and the expectation of our customers. This involves anticipation and organisation. I proactively encourage project management teams to make safety second nature. In my work with the Papua-New Guinea employees, my approach is very different, more focused on the basics. They are not necessarily used to complying with very stringent safety rules like ours. We need to think "Safety first! Safety mind-set, safe worksite!" We keep these words posted on our worksites at all times.."