Expanding international mobility


""Every VINCI Construction division has its own human resources network and management tools. But to support the expansion of the business line - and especially its international expansion - we need shared tools enabling us to better meet companies' skills requirements and accommodate employees' requests for mobility. We are therefore putting together a resume database and a mobility database for VINCI Construction as a whole. Mobility primarily takes place within divisions today, and these tools will help us to develop skill and geographic mobility across our divisions. We are also setting up a network of mobility correspondents located in major regions throughout the world that will also help us to better match up skills requirements and mobility requests without necessarily going through head offices. We will have achieved our objective when a Korean business unit manager can, for example, take advantage of an opportunity to head a major project in a different Asian country. We will apply the same approach to recruitment, creating a website designed from the start to have an international scope, under VINCI Group auspices. And lastly, we are thinking about ways to enhance the position of project director - a key function in our business activities - notably by making it easier to move between this job and other operational responsibilities.""

Hervé Meller, Director of Human Resources, VINCI Construction