Training and dissemination of a common culture


VINCI Construction companies devote very substantial resources to training, which is seen as both a way to improve individual and collective performance and as a tool for sharing a common technical and managerial culture. In-house training centres play a central role in this programme. For example, in France more than 17,000 trainees were given nearly 300,000 hours of training at the ten Cesame (VINCI Construction France) centres and the Eugène Freyssinet centre in 2012.

Group synergies make it possible to share training resources. For example, the Orchestra programme (on worksite preparation and organisation) was initially developed by VINCI Construction France to train its operational managers and then extended to further entities (Don-Tom, Central Europe, Africa, major projects, specialised civil engineering). 

VINCI Construction companies are also developing training programmes for project management teams, including Team Grands Projets (VINCI Construction Grands Projets) and PM+ (Soletanche Freyssinet).

International worksite schools
We recruit large local teams to participate in our international projects and their expertise and teamwork are crucial to the smooth operation of our worksites. VINCI Construction Grands Projets set up the Skill up programme to address this need. Under this programme, training centres geared to the requirements of each project are set up to develop the knowledge and skills of local employees (workers, crew leaders and foremen). The Skill up programme was rolled out on three worksites in 2012 - in Turkmenistan (government building, pictured opposite), Malaysia (Berjaya project) and Chile (El Teniente mine, pictured above). A total of 343 people were trained in 2012.